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So it would appear that there are no Tasmanians interested in playing D&D or any of its variants on here... would anyone be willing to prove me wrong?
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Mordheim in Brisbane

I'd like to get a weekly Mordheim league in Brisbane up and running...

At the current time, I'm taking expressions of interest, to see if enough people would be willing and able to join this mad endeavor to make it feasable. Details are sketchy at this present time but I am hoping to build a clearer picture as I (hopefully) recieve feedback. That said, I've been working off of the following assuptions thus far:

1) Campaign to be set in Mordheim (as opposed to the Lustria, Khemri, Empire in Flames settings).
2) Use of all official gangs and rule options, plus a generous selection of unofficial ones. No Dramatis Personae.
3) Warbands start with normal amounts of gold and experience as per the rules.
4) Eddie Barnes' Expanded Campaign Rules (appeared in Fanatic, try the specialist games site), or a permutation thereof.
5) One warband per player; additional "NPC" warbands may be allowed to fill in for missing players etc.

Please send all your questions, suggestions, advice, comments etc to htpearse(at) I'd love to see this thing get off the ground. 

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Looking for players for the Melbourne Jugger League

We are interested in starting a Jugger League here in Melbourne. We are looking for males and females over the age of 16 to play. No previous experience necessary.

The rules of Jugger are based on the film Salute of the Jugger.

Aim of the game is to get a substitute for a dog skull (called a Jugg) to a goal to score a point. The Jugg may only be carried by the runners. Throwing or kicking the Jugg is not counted.

At the start of the game, every player chooses their weapon - staff weapon, short sword and shield, long sword and one player per team may carry a chain weapon. The runners get no weapons.

A game consists of three thirds lasting about five minutes.

The armed team-members have to guard their runner and fight a way for them through the opponents so the runner can score.

During the game armed players have to try and tag their opponents with their weapon and avoid getting tagged at the same time. Of course the players don't just beat up each other. The safety and health of the players do come first - that's why weapons are padded and there are referees.

Any player hit by a weapon must kneel down immediately and no action may be taken.

The victor is proclaimed after the overall time.

 If you think you might be interested you can contact Tony on 0410 517 075 or by email at for further information.

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Hi, I am from Melbourne and my husband is interested in getting involved in some Live Action Roleplaying, do you people know any contacts that you could pass on to us?

Newstead & Melbourne

Gidday all, I run and play in a GURPS campaign in Melbourne, but I also spend Thurs-Sun in Newstead, near Castlemaine. My boss plays Diplomacy once a month there, so I know there are at least seven geeks in the town! Are there any more, I wonder? And roleplaying geeks... It'd be good to have a game there...

Victorian Gamers

Echuca Gaming Group

Where: Apex Hall, High Street, Echuca.(one block down from the aquatic centre)
When: 11am-11pm Saturdays
Cost: $5(includes one free can)
What: Warhammer 40K, chess, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, Bloodbowl, Shadowrun/D&D3E(currently Shadowrun)

All welcome from age 14 up.

We have people who travel from Melbourne, Albury & Mildura to play, so if you want a game, just pop on by. If you want to play Shadowrun or D&D3E, please let me know that you're coming so I can organize a character sheet for you so you have more time to play.(my partner is the GM for both currently)

Hope to see you guys sometime soon